Our passion and interest to improve the performance of vehicles and repairing of vehicles started early in our lives. It was the constant searching for work in the automotive industry that landed JD and I at a company called Smart Racing.

After working for a while I decided to go work for a larger company where I worked mostly on the servicing of various vehicles and JD stayed on at Smart Racing. Our paths crossed again after a few years and this is when JD and I decided to start our own business where we would repair cars and do high performance upgrades also.

With all the work experience we have and the a combined knowledge of over 15 years where we specialise in vehicle diagnostics, turbo conversions including upgrading of existing turbos and bigger intercoolers. We also build turbo manifolds and intake manifolds including vehicle modifications.

We are in the process of opening up another franchise that will specialise mainly in the servicing and repair of vehicles.